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Investment Opportunity Overview

Established in 2017, this company operates from a 140,000 square foot facility designed for optimal efficiency in large-scale automotive repairs. Catering exclusively to large fleets, municipalities, dealerships, and manufacturers, it specializes in complex repair operations. With its targeted approach, the company is poised to redefine service standards in the automotive industry, positioning itself as a potential multi-billion dollar enterprise.


Funding Requirement: $50 million for growth capital.
Equity Offer: 10% equity stake.

Use of Funds

The requested $50 million investment will be used to significantly enhance national presence by establishing additional service centers in strategically chosen locations, thereby expanding geographical reach and service capacity. The funds will also support the introduction of a new retail division focused on individual vehicle owners and insurance-driven repairs. This expansion is designed to diversify and increase the company’s customer base, directly boosting operational capacity and market reach.

Ideal Investor Profile

Looking for an investor with a commitment to provide both financial support and strategic guidance for a national expansion. The ideal partner will value the company’s commitment to its employees and be capable of assisting in scaling operations efficiently and sustainably.

Operational and Strategic Highlights


The company provides a full range of services including auto body, mechanical repairs, auto glass, calibrations, and the correction of manufacturing defects. It is recognized within the industry, holding multiple certifications and having successfully executed large-scale projects for renowned automotive manufacturers.

Expansion Plans

The company is strategically planning to expand its capacity by adding five new facilities in key locations to better serve fleet operators. Additionally, it aims to enter the retail market with a new division focused on individual vehicle owners and insurance claim repairs.

Market Potential

Positioned for growth in the dynamic automotive repair industry, this company leverages emerging trends and increasing consumer demands to capture significant market opportunities. Its innovative repair processes and comprehensive service offerings allow it to meet the expanding needs of both fleet operators and individual vehicle owners, effectively tapping into new business avenues.

Competitive Edge

Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and an operational strategy akin to manufacturing efficiencies, the company sets itself apart in a crowded marketplace. Certifications from prominent automotive manufacturers underscore its advanced technological capabilities and establish its reputation as a trusted service provider. This unique positioning enables the company to handle complex and high-volume repair demands that are beyond the reach of many competitors.

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