Join MyLegalWin’s 2024 Membership today and take advantage of marketing tools and member benefits that will help set your law firm apart throughout the upcoming year. After your purchase, we’ll promptly verify your details and guide you through setting up your profile, customizing your MyLegalWin membership wall plaque, downloading your digital badges, and keep you informed on how to access your member benefits starting in January 2024.

Early Access: $1,299 – Valid until December 1, 2023
Advance Purchase: $1,399 – Available through December 31, 2023
Standard Membership: $1,499 – Begins January 1, 2024

Should you have any questions or concerns before joining, our team is readily available via online chat or email to provide assistance.



Promotional Advantages

Digital Membership Badges

Enhance your firm’s trust factor with MyLegalWin’s Membership Badges. Ideal for your website, outdoor advertising, and/or marketing collateral.

Available For Immediate Use

Distinguished Attorney Office Plaque

Membership includes a sophisticated 10″ x 7″ brushed aluminum Distinguished Attorney plaque, perfect for enhancing your office’s professional ambiance.

Plaque / Trophy Delivery: 3-4 Weeks

Attorney Directory Listing

Your attorney profile, featuring your biography, practice areas, website, and contact details, will be prominently displayed on MyLegalWin.com throughout 2024.

Directory Launching January 2024

Inclusion In Monthly Press Release

Gain enhanced online visibility as your law firm is included in our monthly press release announcements, contributing to improved SEO and favorable search results.

X & Instagram Promotions

Enhance your social media presence with our announcements of your law firm’s MyLegalWin membership on our Instagram and X platforms, featuring links to your own social media profiles for increased engagement.

Submit Featured Guest Columns

Member attorneys have the opportunity to submit educational legal columns, which may be featured on MyLegalWin.com and considered for our weekly email newsletter.


Common Questions

MyLegalWin is an exclusive membership dedicated to empowering legal professional with a robust suite of benefits. Our members enjoy premier visibility through our attorney directory, complimentary nominations to industry-recognized awards, and a wealth of promotional opportunities. By joining MyLegalWin, you’re not just enhancing your practice; you’re aligning with a movement that celebrates and advances legal excellence.

Early pricing offers a tiered discount structure as a reward for your foresight in joining MyLegalWin. Secure your membership now to enjoy the lowest rates before they incrementally increase, leading up to our full launch in 2024.

The application process for MyLegalWin membership begins when you join as a member, agreeing to our membership requirements and code of conduct, and providing your business information. Our evaluation criteria focus on ensuring that applicants are in good standing with their state’s bar association and do not have any significant issues that could impede their ability to serve as upstanding members of the legal community and effectively advocate for their clients. This includes a thorough review for any concerning reviews, legal issues, or other factors that might affect your eligibility. Once approved, you will receive a welcome letter, confirmation of your plaque, a link to download badges, and the latest updates on our membership benefits and directory program. If your application is not accepted, you will be fully refunded, minus a $50 processing fee.

MyLegalWin membership offers a dynamic range of benefits and savings, tailored to enhance the professional and operational aspects of your legal practice. These benefits are periodically updated and expanded to ensure they remain relevant and valuable. We highly encourage member suggestions for potential partnerships or benefits. Your input is invaluable in shaping a membership program that truly reflects the needs and preferences of our legal community.

Your one-year membership with MyLegalWin commences on the calendar day you are accepted as a member and receive your welcome letter. Throughout the year, your dedicated membership concierge will be in touch to provide guidance on how to fully leverage your MyLegalWin membership. As your membership year approaches its end, your concierge will contact you with all the necessary information for renewal.

At MyLegalWin, the “Distinguished Attorney” designation is more than a title—it’s a testament to an attorney’s professional integrity, legal acumen, and client service excellence. Our thorough review process ensures that only those who are in good standing with the legal community, uphold a history of positive client interactions, and embody the professional standards we champion receive this distinction. Should an applicant not meet these stringent criteria, we offer a full refund and the opportunity to reapply the following year, maintaining the exclusivity and prestige of the recognition.

The MyLegalWin Awards are a separate series of accolades that celebrate the pinnacle of legal achievement across various categories. While the “Distinguished Attorney” honor recognizes individual excellence, the Awards spotlight outstanding contributions and successes within the legal community.

At MyLegalWin, we prioritize the accuracy and consistency of information in our attorney profiles and directory listings. As such, our team directly manages all updates to these profiles. If you need to update your profile with new or additional information, you can easily do so by contacting your membership concierge. They will assist you in ensuring your profile remains current and reflective of your professional status.

MyLegalWin offers a range of annual awards, each with specific criteria and nomination processes. While there is a $199 fee for non-members to nominate, members can nominate without additional charges. Importantly, winning an award is not contingent on membership status. Our selection process is impartial, ensuring that membership, sponsorship, or financial relationships do not influence the outcome. To nominate yourself or another legal professional, please visit our nominations page.

MyLegalWin welcomes guest columns from our members on a variety of topics pertinent to the legal industry and client education. When you submit your article, our team will conduct a thorough review to ensure its accuracy, originality, professionalism, and overall quality, including aspects like grammar and presentation. We may also provide feedback for additional edits or suggest improvements. Please note that MyLegalWin reserves the right to decline submissions or remove content at any time, in line with our commitment to maintaining high-quality content standards.

At MyLegalWin, we do not automatically renew memberships annually. This means you have the choice at the end of your one-year membership period to decide whether to continue with us. While we do not have a standard refund policy, we are committed to addressing any concerns you might have during your membership. Your dedicated membership concierge is always available to assist with any issues or questions, ensuring your experience with MyLegalWin is as beneficial and satisfying as possible.

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