Generally speaking, we don’t allow Silent Rich members to directly push their products or services onto other members through our channels. Instead, we encourage Silent Rich members to focus on building meaningful relationships with one another, while also sharing what they do professionally, what problems they need help solving, and to explore mutually beneficial ways to help one another.

This may well lead to selling products or services to another Silent Rich member, but it shouldn’t be the sole focus of any post or conversation on our platform. After all, no one joins Silent Rich to get a bunch of advertisements or to be on the receiving end of salespeople.

Silent Rich encourages members to publish important asks that they and their businesses are currently looking for — which often includes needing an introduction to someone who can make it happen, in exchange for compensating the member who successfully made the connection in some way.

While ultimately between the members who are facilitating the arrangement, compensation can range from referral percentages, flat cash, trades, equity points, or anything else they can imagine and come to an agreement on.

At our sole discretion, Silent Rich does not allow the posting of opportunities that are considered by us to be:

  • Highly-speculative
  • Associated with founders, leadership, or anyone with a disreputable track record
  • Illegal or questionably legal
  • Scams
  • Unethical or likely to cause harm to others
  • Not in the best interest of other parties

While we don’t have any specific policies against cryptocurrency projects, investment products, or startups in general, we will use our best discretion to require additional verifications and transparencies prior to allowing related opportunities to be posted.

Silent Rich is a private community of successful connectors, entrepreneurs, politicians, and those who value the power of strong, mutually beneficial professional relationships.

We respect the privacy and discretion of our members and will not share names, companies, or private information unless explicitly given permission to by each member.

We are currently accepting membership from everyone who understands the community of connectors that Silent Rich is building and who didn’t let us talk them out of joining.

Silent Rich can provide a full refund of annual membership dues if requested during the third month of your first year of membership.

We will make our best efforts to work with any new Silent Rich member on how we can improve our community to be more beneficial to them, as well as to help guide them on how to best utilize our community to build meaningful professional relationships. Please provide feedback, report any issues, or contact us with ways that we can help make that happen.

In the event that we’re unable to meet expectations after two months of giving us a try, new members on your first year of Silent Rich membership can request and receive a full refund of annual membership dues,  during the thirty days after the first sixty days of membership. Meaning, if you’re still unhappy with your membership after two full months of receiving content and access to opportunity and marketplace listings, you can request and receive a full refund during the third month of membership.

Silent Rich is based in Austin, Texas, with an expanding membership located throughout the globe.

Please visit our concierge if your questions have not been addressed or consider offering feedback if we can improve.