Silent Rich is a private membership that was created to help make the world’s most powerful connectors more accessible to deserving innovators and entrepreneurs by promoting mutually-beneficial incentives to those who can assist them with necessary connections.

Our members understand that true power and financial opportunity often exists behind the scenes, discretely harnessed by those who can lean on trusted relationships to help them quietly facilitate what shapes the world around us.

Relationships making all the difference in how careers are made, how brands become ubiquitous, how products reach international distribution, how funding is acquired, and often in the background of the stories the world is talking about on any given day.

Silent Rich members are able to post and reply to requests for necessary connections -- for opportunities ranging from $10,000 to $1,000,000+ (USD), and offer financial incentives to other members who can help them facilitate the relationship with the right person to help them achieve their professional goals.

Do The Right Thing

Silent Rich values integrity and honesty above all else, placing an emphasis on doing the right thing over simply taking advantage of an opportunity that would likely cause damage or harm.

We won’t knowingly collaborate with dishonesty, unproven track records, high risk requests, and/or those who are clearly seeking to take advantage of others. Further, we will permanently revoke the memberships of anyone found to be at odds with our fundamental standards.

True to our name and values, Silent Rich adheres to an inherently strict discretion policy regarding any of our members or related requests, only sharing information with the explicit permission of all parties involved.