Anti-Fraud Policies

Keeping Our Community Safe

Silent Rich is committed to maintaining a secure and trustworthy environment for our members and users. We have implemented comprehensive measures to prevent fraudulent activities and scams. This policy outlines our procedures and guidelines regarding members, directory listings, introductions, and deal facilitation.

Member and Directory Listing Policies

    • All applications are thoroughly reviewed for completeness and accuracy.
    • We verify the authenticity of the provided information through cross-referencing with public databases and professional networks.

Directory Listing Verification

    • We confirm the legitimacy of businesses through public records, business directories, and official documentation such as business registration certificates and tax identification numbers.
    •  We conduct online searches for reviews or any negative press about the company.
    • We check for any history of scams or fraud associated with the business.
    • We review the company’s official website and social media profiles for consistency and professionalism.

Ongoing Monitoring

  • We conduct regular audits of directory listings and member profiles to ensure ongoing compliance with our standards.
  • We encourage community members to provide feedback on their interactions to help identify potential issues.
  • We have automated alerts for suspicious activities such as unusual login patterns or changes in listing details, which are investigated promptly.

Introduction and Deal Facilitation Policies

    • We facilitate introductions between members and strategic partners through a secure and verified process.
    • Introductions are based on the specific needs and criteria provided by our members.
    • Connectors may be incentivized through financial rewards for successful introductions, provided they operate within the boundaries of SEC regulations.
    • Connectors must not engage in the negotiation, execution, or facilitation of securities transactions unless they are licensed dealer-brokers.

Reporting and Response

    • Members and users can report suspicious activity through a dedicated form on our website.
    • All reports are automatically logged and investigated by our team.
    • Reports are reviewed within 24-48 hours.
    • We gather additional information and conduct a thorough investigation.
    • Appropriate action is taken based on investigation findings, which may include removing listings, suspending memberships, or contacting authorities if necessary.
    • We follow up with the reporter to inform them of the outcome.

Compliance and Professional Standards

    • Our network of connectors operates within clearly defined boundaries to ensure compliance with SEC regulations.
    • Any securities transactions or specific investment advice must be handled by licensed professionals.
    • Members and clients are responsible for conducting their own due diligence and seeking appropriate professional advice before engaging in any transactions.
    • We do not provide investment advice or facilitate securities transactions.


While Silent Rich is committed to preventing fraudulent activities and scams, it is ultimately up to members and site visitors to conduct their own due diligence on any listings, members, or opportunities found on or through We provide a platform for introductions and general information sharing but do not guarantee the legitimacy or success of any transactions.

For more detailed information on our compliance standards, please visit our Compliance and Professional Standards page.

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